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BRC certification body in India


BRC Certification body in India

The British Retail Consortium or BRC certification body in India is an organization which provides BRC certification for global standard for food safety which involves food and packing system certifications. BRC certification is responsible for ensuring that businesses under the food industry comply with the BRC standards. BRC certification is involved with the testing and verification of business operations and products under the food industry.


Acquiring a BRC certification from any BRC certification body, proves the business competence in various fields of food and sanitation such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), hygiene practices, food safety, sanitation in the work area, environmental and operational conditions and quality systems. BRC certification body provides certifications which are in line with and recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an international program for food safety standards.


Passing this from any BRC certification body in India guarantees all stakeholders of their safety in consuming the food products served. Certifications from BRC certification body in India gives the business a big edge against its competitors since it gains the trust of the market and demonstrates the efficiency and proficiency of the business and its operations. This serves as a demonstration of the business’ food safety and supplier competence. BRC certification body in India conducts audits, certifications and also provide tools that are useful with legal obligations.


There are many BRC certification and most of it have accreditations worldwide. Thus, business holding any certifications from these BRC certification body in India, markets nothing but the best global quality services. BRC certification body in India will help turn food safety standards a common habit striving for excellence and not only a practice to get the trust of the stakeholders. BRC certification is the key to transpire business expertise, integrity, and performance.