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HALAL Certification

HALAL Certification Companies in India

HALAL Certification Companies in India

If you take some time to look a little closer at product labels, you will notice a small HALAL symbol, on many different varieties of food products sold in the market. HALAL certified companies in India put this symbol as an indication that the product has passed HALAL.


Originally, HALAL food is based on Islamic law but HALAL certification companies in India has already adopted the concept even on non-Islamic purpose. Halal is of Arabic origin meaning “lawful” or sometime referred to as Haram which means “permitted” according to the diet standards written in the Muslim “Quran”.


HALAL certification companies in India defines Halal standards as those without alcoholic or intoxicating substance, should not made out of pork or any carnivorous animals, should not contain blood or any blood by-products, rennet, and not contaminated. HALAL certification companies considers food contaminated with non-halal as mashbooh which means “questionable” and therefore are not advised for consumption.


HALAL certification companies ensure that food products sold follow the halal standard. Business would not be able to acquire the HALAL certification unless they follow required standards. This is not only followed in Muslim countries. HALAL certification are becoming popular in countries in Asia, Europe, America and some parts of Africa.  HALAL certified companies in India provide HALAL certifications even to non-Muslim businesses in the food industry.