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Kosher Certification

Kosher certification India


Kosher Certification India


All businesses aims to acquire leverage and maintain good performance and stability. This is possible by getting the public confidence and the trust of the stakeholders. Kosher certification India makes this possibility a reality. Kosher certification India serves as a means to continually improve the business performance.


Kosher certification India is an internationally accepted certification which provides specific guidelines for maintaining food quality of various food products. To acquire a Kosher label increases the competence of the food products offered by the business. Once a Kosher certification India logo is present on the label, the food products becomes accepted worldwide. Kosher certification India covers dairy products, meat, wines and liquors, grapes pareve, and the likes.


Kosher certification originated from the Hebrews. “Kosher” comes from the Hebrew word, “Kashrus” which means “Pure”. Kosher certification Indore concerns the purity of the food assessed with a set of criteria. The Kosher certification India is a mark or guarantee that the food is indeed pure. Purity in general, also means the food is safe and healthy.


Now, millions of people worldwide are switching to Kosher certified products which passed the Kosher certification, especially the health conscious. Qualities of as Kosher certified food product are as follows:

  • It is free of additives and preservatives.
  • It uses natural and organic ingredients.
  • Accepted meat products should only come from cows, goats, sheeps, lambs, deers, or any other animal with split hooves.
  • Chicken, ducks, turkeys, geese are also acceptable.
  • Meat should undergo deveining, soaking and salting.
  • Cholov Yisroel must be followed. This is the law stating that milk and dairy products should only be derived from kosher animals.
  • Fruits and vegetable products must be washed thoroughly.
  • Grapes, wines, liquors and vinegar preparations must be supervised by Rabbis to ensure only kosher ingredients are used.


Kosher certified food products don’t necessarily mean “vegetarian”. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet alike, can fit the Kosher category. Kosher certification India encourages businesses under the food industry to prioritize the health and well-being of their customers, and customers nowadays tend to be discerning and health-conscious. Securing a Kosher certification India, is an indication that the business follows ethical standards.