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NABL Certification

NABL Certification Indore

NABL Certification Indore

NABL or the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories provides the much needed accreditation for technical competence. NABL certification Indore is one of the best providers of NABL. NABL certification Indore is given to any testing and calibration medical laboratories, who will pass the criteria and standards set by NABL certification in Indore and submits all needed requirements and documentations. In a way, NABL certification Indore, serves as the third-party assessment for technical competence and the public’s quality consultants.


Testing and calibration medical laboratories in the area cannot function effectively without acquiring the NABL certification Indore. This assures the customers of the organizations competency and trustworthiness. NABL certification in Indore is definitely a must for medical laboratories to be recognized both by the medical bodies and the public. The customers need to be appeased that medical laboratories have the capability to deliver the right service they need. NABL certification in Indore send a direct message to the market that the medical laboratory is indeed legitimate and competent to deliver all the procedures and services it offers.


Securing a NABL certification Indore is also one way for a testing and calibration medical laboratory to enhance its stature and its services and keep track of the quality of the service they are providing. For both ends, it’s a win-win situation. NABL certification Indore is under the Department of Science and Technology as stated in the Societies Act No. 1860. Furthermore, NABL certification Indore is in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and ISO 15189:2007, as set for medical laboratories in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, in Asia. All testing and calibration medical laboratories in the area are to undergo NABL certification Indore, regardless of the size, type of ownership and independence. NABL certification Indore is recognized and encouraged by the Government of India.


Acquiring an NABL certification Indore may benefit a medical laboratory with potential level and increase in customer trust and satisfaction. Personnel and the management itself may also rest assured that they have met the standards set by NABL. Technical competence is crucial for the medical field. Therefore, NABL certification Indore, should not be disregarded.