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Consultant ISO 9001

Consultant ISO 9001

Let us understand first what an ISO 9001 certification is. Well understood by a consultant, ISO 9001 is the basis of Quality Management System (QMS) in a business. It controls the quality of the products being sold and at the same time influences customer satisfaction. ISO 9001 is one of the most targeted certifications in the world because it reflects a lot about the business in general. Consultant of ISO 9001 directs the business on what is to be expected of them when audit teams come. Companies invest on a consultant of ISO 9001 to serve as an eye for the details and to give them a head’s up on the standards and requirements to be met.


Although hiring a consultant of ISO 9001, is not required and some businesses believe they don’t need a consultant of ISO 9001, experience and knowledge about the standards is what most businesses are paying consultant of ISO 9001 for. Even if they are confident to pass ISO 9001 even without a consultant of ISO 9001, they don’t want to take the risk and have regrets in the end. To make a business get the right consultant of ISO 9001 for the job, make sure to find these top three key qualities.



  • Keen Observer – a good consultant of ISO 9001 should be able to find gaps in the system and fill-in these gaps. He should have a good eye on details which are often overlooked by the business. A consultant of ISO 9001 should focus on what’s best for the business.




  • Problem solver – a consultant of ISO 9001 is hired not just to detect problems but also to be a solution-provider. He should be able to give advice on how to address the problems.

Knowledge of ISO Standards – for a business to be certified, am consultant of ISO 9001 should be qualified. He should have knowledge of what is expected of a business in order to pass the certification.