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How to Get ISO Certification in India

How to Get ISO Certification in India

ISO certification is a document which is needed to improve business operations and competency. This is why many organizations are inquiring on how to get ISO certification in India. Holding a certification leads to increased credibility locally and internationally, return of investment (ROI) and more revenue, public confidence, compliance to government laws, increased product ratings and reviews, and improved marketability. How to get ISO certification in India, follows a series of steps and requires several documents to be presented.


For those who ask how to get ISO certification in India, here are the steps to follow.



  • Hire experienced and knowledgeable certification consultants who will help guide and train you all throughout the process.


        • Having a consultant is not required, although, it can be very helpful.


  • Preparation of Required Documents


        • Business name, business address and description of the scope of the business
        • Registration documents (Certificate of Incorporation, PAN, VAT or Service Tax Registration, MSMEs, IEC, etc.)
        • Sales Bill (two copies)
        • Letterhead


  • Undergo Training and Implement Conformance to Standards
  • Practical implementation of quality standards should be a routine in a business. The certification consultation may help out with this.
  • Undergo Registration Audit
  • This includes initial audit, surveillance audit and renewal audit
  • Auditor or audit teams are sent to analyze and scrutinize business forms, records, documents, registers, systems and processes. They may also conduct on-the-spot interviews on personnel.
  • Information for Granting Initial Certification
  • This includes the decision whether the business will be issued a certification, and the grounds from which decisions are based.



If you still wonder how to get ISO certification in India, remember that certifications will only be granted once a business successfully meets the requirements of the certification bodies in India and follow the international quality standards and principles. Impress your clients and stakeholders. Inquire how to get ISO certification in India.